Borehole Logging Mt. Sopris OBI-40 Optical Televiewer (OTV)


The tool generates a continuous oriented 360° image of the borehole wall using an optical imaging system. (downhole CCD camera which views a image of the borehole wall in a prism). The tool includes a orientation device consisting of a precision 3 axis magnetometer and 3 accelerometers thus allowing accurate borehole deviation data to be obtained during the same logging run (accurate and precise orientation of the image).

Optical and acoustic televiewer data are complimentary tools especially when the purpose of the survey is structural analysis.

A common data display option is the projection on a virtual core that can be rotated and viewed from any orientation. Actually, an optical televiewer image will complement and even replace coring survey and its associated problem of core recovery and orientation.

The optical televiewer is fully downhole digital and can be run on any standard wireline (mono, four-conductor, sevenconductor). Resolution is user definable (up to 0.5mm vertical resolution and 720 pixels azimuthal resolution).


The purpose of the optical imaging tool is to provide detailed, oriented, structural information. Possible applications are :

• fracture detection and evaluation
• detection of thin beds
• bedding dip
• lithological characterization
• casing inspection

Technical specifications

Diameter 40mm
Length approx. 1.7m
Weight approx 7 kgs
Max temp 50°C
Max pressure 200 bars
Borehole diameter 1 3/4" to 24" depending on borehole conditions
Logging speed variable function of resolution and wireline
Cable type mono, four-conductor, seven-conductor
Digital data transmission up to 500 Kbps depending on wireline, realtime compressed
Compatibility ALTIogger- ALT-Abox- Mount Sopris MgXII (limited to 41 Kbps)
Sensor type downhole DSP based digital CCD camera
Optics plain polycarbonate conic prism system
Azimuthal resolution user definable 90/180/360 or 720 pixels /360°
Vertical resolution user definable, depth or time sampling rate
Color resolution 24 bit RGB value
White balance: automatic or user adjustable
Aperture & Shutter automatic or user adjustable
Special functions
User configurable real time digital edge enhancing
User configurable ultra low light condition mode
Orientation 3 axis magnetometer and 3 accelerometers.
Inclination accuracy 0.5 degree
Azimuth accuracy: 1.0 degree
Logging parameters:
• 360° RGB orientated optical image
• Borehole azimuth and dip
• Tool internal Temperature

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