Exploration Instruments is proud to announce our new partnership with Impulse Radar for products in the United States.


Exploration Instruments is proud to announce our new partnership with Impulse Radar as exclusive rentor of Impulse products in the United States.  Our rental fleet will include:

Impulse PinPointR:

The PinPointR has been developed to maximize in-field productivity by utilizing ImpulseRadar’s innovative real-time sampling (RTS) dual-channel antenna technology, which provides incredible bandwidth, speed, and resolution, all controlled via an intuitive Android-driven user interface.  The ImpulseRadar PinPointR offers a clear and dependable way to quickly and easily locate, avoid or map underground utilities with the functionality required to meet approved industry standards, whilst offering market-leading performance and data quality.

Impulse Raptor (tow behind and push cart):

Raptor is a state-of-the-art high-speed 3D-GPR Array enabling the very fast collection of 3D GPR data, at speeds in excess of 130 km/hr (80 miles/hour), @ 5 cm point intervals. Raptor is capable of survey speeds that eliminate the need for traffic control and safety vehicles. Conventional systems typically operate at no more than 30 km/hr, with similar settings.

EXI Austin Welcomes Our New Customer Service Specialist, John Lindstrom

Please join us in welcoming John Lindstrom, our newest addition to the team at Exploration Instruments LLC in Austin, Texas. With over a decade of expertise in Customer Service, John brings a wealth of experience to his role as Customer Service Specialist/Client Coordinator. Originally hailing from Tempe Arizona, John has called Austin home for the past four years.

Driven by a fervent curiosity and a passion for continuous learning, John is eagerly stepping into his new role, poised to immerse himself in the dynamic world of earth sciences. His dedication to delivering exceptional service and his enthusiasm for exploring new horizons make him a natural fit for this role.