Electromagnetic Geonics EM-47 Transient EM System


Included Accessories: Protem Receiver, EM-47 Transmitter,reference cable, High-frequency coil with pre-amp, GSPX7 Software, Data transfer cable.

The TEM47 is the smallest, lightest battery operated transmitter with a very fast turn-off time to enable the near surface response to be measured. The PROTEM 47 (PROTEM receiver and TEM47 transmitter) is most often used for shallow geoelectric sounding looking for conductive contaminant plumes, saline intrusion or general stratigraphy mapping. In this mode single turn transmitter loops from 5 m up to 100 m on a side with turn-off times as short as half a microsecond can be used to give maximum near surface resolution.

The maximum transmitter output of 3 A into a 100 m x 100 m loop gives a good response and resolution to depths down to 150 m making this the ideal instrument for resistivity sounding over a large area.


Box 1, Protem, TX and Batts - 80lbs, 23 X 25 X 17
BOX 2, Reference Cable - 8lbs, 12 X 12 X 12
Box 3, RX Coil - 41lbs, 29 X 29 X 6
Box 4, Multi-turn TX Cable - 16lbs, 18 X 15 X 8


145 lbs

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