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EXI is the largest and best-known geophysical equipment rental company in North America specializing in near-surface applications. We carry over 81 different types of systems and hundreds of units in our inventory. Seismic, EM, Ground Penetrating Radar, Gravity, Magnetics, Resistivity, LiDar and Thermal Imaging are a few types of equipment used to support Geotechnical, Groundwater, Environmental, Archaeology, Non-Destructive Testing, and Structural Imaging Investigations.

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A message from

Dennis Mills

President of Exploration Instruments:

As with many other companies at this juncture, EXI is working hard to walk a fine line between responsible action and customer support. Through a combination of distributed administration (ie, working from home) and careful maintenance of the working conditions in the office/warehouse space, we are continuing to accept orders and ship equipment on a daily basis, though there is reduced staff in the offices. All equipment is disinfected upon arrival and during prep to minimize transmission of the coronavirus.

You may call the main number to reach Amber in Customer Service, as always, or send your requests to service at

We will do our utmost to get you what you need on time. After 20 years, we have a system that works pretty well, but we may need your patience as we learn how to do our jobs in a different way.

Thanks for your business and your support. Stay safe!

Dennis Mills


" ... and thank you for being open in these crazy times." emailed by client April 14, 2020