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Installing Spikes on a Tromino Seismograph

Many users of Tromino ENGY and Zero units have complained that the longer, pointed studs seem too tight to screw into the bottom lugs of the units. This is due, in part, to very tight tolerances when the lugs are tapped for the threads on the legs. However, there is another possibility which you must guard against and that is cross-threading. The threads on the legs are very fine and if you start them incorrectly, the leg will screw in quite a way before halting. DO NOT FORCE THE THREADS AT THIS POINT. Back it out and check it has been started correctly.

The classic way to ensure that a screw has been started correctly is to place it into the lug and then turn it counter-clockwise until you hear and feel it drop into the start of the threads. Then, begin to turn it the opposite direction – clockwise. Here’s a short video that illustrates the procedure: