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SOILSPY digital seismic system makes waves in the near-surface geophysical world

Collecting surface wave seismic data - passive (ReMiTM, SPAC, ESAC, SSAP) or active methods (SASW, MASW, SPAC, FTAN) or P and S wave refraction has never been so convenient.  The SOILSPY digital multichannel seismic system consists of geophones, a small lightweight cable and … and … and that’s it.   Ok, maybe a reel.   No seismograph, no external batteries, no heavy spread cable to haul around. Because the signal from the geophone is amplified and digitized at the take-out and transmits bits up the cable, you only need a Windows tablet or laptop as a controller. Easy. AND by providing digital data at the geophone, the signal to noise ratio is maximized - giving you the best possible measurements for the time and effort you’ve invested getting to your site. 


The cost is about the same as any other analogue system of the same size, but the ease of acquisition and economy of field time will add to your bottom line. The SOILSPY is available for purchase or rental exclusively from Exploration Instruments. Our current rental configuration consists of 4.5 hz vertical geophones on 10’ spacing and is available in either 12 or 24 channels.