Seismic 24 Channel SoilSpy Digital Seismic System


SOILSPY is MoHo’s multichannel digital system for active and passive seismic surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special seismograph. The signal is amplified and digitized where it is produced and not at the end of long cables: this ensures better recording quality and, allied to a lightweight system, forms a novel approach appreciated by geophysicists. SOILSPY does not require external batteries and can record the signals with no time limits.

  Soilspy layout photo


  • BETTER RECORDING QUALITY.  The signal is amplified and digitized at the geophone. The signal-to-noise ratio is higher than any corresponding analog system because it doesn't degrade along the cable; there's no cross-talk along the cable and precise synchronization of the channels.
  • It's LIGHT!  At less than 0.5 lb per module + 5 m cable, a 16 channel system weighs only 18 lbs!
  • UNLIMITED RECORDING DURATION. No compromise among sampling rate, number of active channels and recording length. Record length is limited by the PC storage capacity only
  • RADIO TRIGGER. No need for a separate trigger cable to perform seismic refraction/reflection surveys
  • STACKING / PHASE INVERSION / AVERAGING unique routine for the revision of stacks and operations on them
  • INTEGRATED INTERNAL TEST to verify the functionality of each channel
  • MODULARITY. Several SoilSpy Rosina systems can be linked to form a unique deployment

This 24 Channel system ships with a cable reel with digital take-outs at 10' intervals, 24 vertical 4.5hz geophones and a wireless radio trigger - all you need for MASW engineering work or shallow refraction.  You supply the laptop to act as controller or ask us to include it for a nominal additional charge.

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