Survey Stencil SLAM LiDar Survey


Kaarta Stencil 2 is a great platform for rapid, long-range mobile mapping; a computer small enough to fit in your hand but powerful enough to process and view any of the data it captures. Stencil 2’s integrated 3D mapping and real-time position estimation allows capabilities not possible with other terrestrial laser scanning systems. Stencil 2 accurately maps exterior and large interior spaces quickly and easily with a range of up to 100 meters. 

Easily deployed for integration with some other sensor for SLAM (Simultaneous Location and Mapping) positioning accuracy under canopy or just on its own, the Stencil system has great applications in UXO clearance, archaeology, power line mapping, power plant mapping, etc. 


100m / 328ft
Data Rate 300,000 points per second
Field of View 360° horizontal FOV
30° (+15° to -15°) vertical FOV
Rate ~ 2.5 hrs to scan 10,000m2 / 110,000ft2
Accuracy Laser accurate to ± 30mm / ± 1.2in
Formats .ply files or .las
Storage 1TB SSD
Weight 1730g (3.8lbs)

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