Electromagnetic Geometrics Metal Mapper 2x2


The MetalMapper is an advanced Time Domain EM (TEM) system that provides a large leap forward in the ability to discriminate between buried UXO items and other metallic objects. Developed under SERCP and ESCTP research projects this system uses a 3 component transmitter and seven tri-axial receivers to characterize each target.

In addition to the ability to discriminate between items of interest and scrap using data acquired while stationary over a target, the MetalMapper also provides advantages over currently used technologies in mapping mode. Because of its seven 3-component receivers and improved positioning electronics, it can provide more accurate locations for buried targets and current research is being performed to improve the ability to discriminate using data from the dynamic (mapping) mode. 

  • Advanced UXO detection and discrimination
  • May be towed or front-mounted
  • Complete 3-axis polarizability measurement, allowing for estimation of target depth, size, and shape
  • Rugged, light-weight antenna cart suitable for man-portable or vehicular-towed operation
  • 3 orthogonal high power transmitter loops permit precision static characterization from a single point
  • 7 tri-axial dB/dt receiver cubes sample the vector secondary TEM field
  • Wide dynamic range, high bandwidth A/D converters
  • User-friendly acquisition software
  • Optional platform attitude sensor measures platform magnetic heading, pitch, and roll.
  • Windows-based acquisition software permits:
    • Acquisition parameter selection
    • On-site data QC
    • Real-time data display and operator feed-back during acquisition
  • Custom Geosoft Executables (GX) support importing data into Oasis montaj™ and automate many data processing procedures unique to MetalMapper.
  • Physics-based analysis software
    • Computes target position and attitude,
    • Computes principal target polarizability transients (3)
    • Provides convenient data base management of targets

48 x 45 x 36 inches


425 lbs

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