Electromagnetic Geonics EM-38 Ground Conductivity Meter with real-time logging.


For any one measurement, the standard EM38 provides measurements of either the quad-phase (conductivity) or in-phase (magnetic susceptibility) component data, as selected by the operator. The instrument can be rotated to collect data in either the horizontal or vertical dipole mode.

Designed to be particularly useful for agricultural surveys measuring soil salinity, the EM38 can cover large areas quickly without ground electrodes. Based on the same patented induction principle as the EM31, the EM38 provides depths of exploration of 1.5 meters and 0.75 meters in the vertical and horizontal dipole modes respectively.


Suggested Optional Devices: Data logging devices such as the Juniper Systems Archer are available as an optional rental item.


46 X 5 X 7 inches


58 lbs

Rental per day





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