Seismic Geostuff Triaxial BHG-3 Geophone


The Geostuff model BHG-3 contains 3 geophones in an X-Y-Z orientation and includes a servo mechanism which will rotate the geophone elements until the horizontal geophones are aligned with an azimuth selected by the user. The outside diameter is 1.9 inches (51 mm), small enough to fit inside a schedule-40, 2-inch plastic pipe, but NOT A SCHEDULE-80, 2-INCH PIPE. The clamping mechanism is a robust, steel spring compressed by a DC electric motor.

The BHG-3 features automatic orientation of horizontal geophones to any azimuth, through a fluxgate sensor powered from the same DC source as the clamping mechanism. This is very advantageous as it allows the operator to orient the horizontal axis to the best angle for signal reception. 

Downhole cables are available in 100', 150' and 300' lengths and plug to the control box. Two control boxes may be piggy-backed so that two borehole geophones can be read from a 12-channel seismograph. A cable from the control box terminates in a standard Bendix 61 connector. If you require connection to an older 12-channel NK-27 type connector, please let us know and we will include the proper cable for you.

A 24 volt power supply and charger are included.

For those who operate more than one downhole geophone at a time, EXI can provide a multiple-geophone control box capable of working 4 different geophones simultaneously. This minimizes the number of different components you need.

Shipped in two packages:

(1) 25 x20 x 12 containing control box, battery and cable 45 lbs
(2) 33 x 5 x 3 containing borehole geophone  10 lbs.


25 x 20 x 12 inches


45 lbs

Rental per day





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