Magnetometers Borehole Gradiometer


The borehole gradiometer is used to locate ferrous-metal objects. Typical applications include looking ahead of drilling operations, finding the bottom of sheet-piles, measuring the bottom of rebar in pilings and locating objects in a body of water.

Heavy-duty sensor cable acts as lanyard. 30’, 50’, 100’
High-quality connectors and “toilet seat” cover over headset jack. “Seacon” connectors available.
Alligator clips for 12v auxiliary power.
Gel-cell auto-charges when auxiliary power connected.
“Zero to “null” gradient.
Permanent gel-cell battery-mounted under electronics panel.
Bull-nosed and tapered sensor on BHG; longer sensor on MUL for diver or boat towing.


On, Off
Volume Up and Down
Range setting (Gain or Sensitivity) Up and Down
Zero, Plus and Minus
Auto Zero - Automatic self-adjusting
Audio Frequency Pitch (speaker and jack for headset)
Visual LCD Display
Bar Graph - range Gain setting - milligauss
RS-232 PC connection (cable included)
   control all keypad functions
   data log range, keypad and signal settings
   works with hyper terminal or equivalent
Power Options:
Internal Battery: 12 volt, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid
Battery Life: 72 hours continuous use, charges to full overnight
External Power: 12 to 15 volt, cable included
Internal battery charging circuit is enabled when external power or AC charging cable is connected
Operating Temperature Range:-20° to 150° F (-29° to 66° C)

Electronics: 16.9" x 10" x 6.5"
Sensor: 1.625” X 17.5”


24 x 19 x 9 inches


40 lbs

Rental per day





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