Seismic Skinny HTI hydrophone string for downhole seismic


This new, slender hydrophone string is just the ticket for collecting seismic data in a narrow borehole. With a maximum outside dimension of only 1.25", the cable will easily fit into any 2" ID borehole. The cable is outfitted with (12) HTI-96 hydrophones (unamplified) at 3 foot intervals and has a 250 foot lead terminated with a Geometrics-type Bendix 61 connector at one end and a small stainless stress anchor at the other. 


Element Sensitivity:  -201dB re: 1V/uPa

Capacitance:  10nF (nominal)

Frequency Response:  DC to 30KHz

Operating Depth:  3048 meters

Sensitivity/Depth loss at 3048 meters:  2dB

Size:  5/8” diameter X 1.625 long

Encapsulant:  Polyurethane

Testing:  Sensitivity (measured to known Navy Standard using comparison method), pressure testing, leak testing to water, capacitance, dissipation, polarity, and resonance.


55 lbs

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