Seismic Geo Stuff Land Streamer


The Landstreamer is the ideal way to collect MASW data. Easily pulled by ATV, truck, or an unlucky person, the Geostuff Land Streamer is configured with (24) 4.5Hz Vertical phones spaced at 5' intervals with Kooter connectors. Mounted on steel bases, the nodes have a wire out-rigger that keeps the geophone upright during the move.

The streamer is split into two sections for ease of shipping.The cable terminates into (2) NK-27 input connectors. We can supply a Y adapter for seismographs like the Geode that require a single,  Bendix 61P connector.

Ships in two wheeled Pelican cases of 80lbs ea.



31 x 21 x 12 (2) inches


160 lbs

Rental per day





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*(Does not include shipping or insurance)