Utility Mapping Metrotech Vivax vLoc-5000 Pipe and Cable Locator Kit


vLoc-5000 Receiver  combines Signal Select, Signal Direction and Distortion Alert in one locator. All information including GPS coordinates can be stored internally and retrieved later using My Locator2.

Receiver and Transmitter Features

  • Signal Select™ and Signal Direction offer
  • Positive Line ID
  • Distortion Alert™ assists in recognizing signal bleed-over
  • Peak Response, Null Response, L/R needle
  • Bluetooth® wireless communication enabled in receiver
  • Bright color graphical display
  • Broad frequency selection between 16Hz and 200 kHz


vloc5000 street

The vLoc-5000 offers the Guidance Compass™ that combines features below to aid Positive Line ID.










The receiver comes standard with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack which eliminates the need to constantly purchase batteries.


 Global Positioning System (GPS)
The internal GPS and data logging records a site location reference and combines it with all the other information available:

  • Date & Time
  • GPS Co-ordinates
  • Frequency used
  • Depth & Current
  • Signal Select
  • Signal Direction
  • Distortion
  • Mode of operation

The Loc-10TxSIS 10 Watt Transmitter

Loc-10TxSIS combines Signal Select (SiS) and Signal Direction (SD) features to give you the best combination for positive identification. The transmitter measures line parameters in absolute physical units (volts, ohms, amps), to give critical Insights into the quality of a complete line circuit. Essential information is easily visible on the transmitter’s display screen. Other enhancements include high capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery technology that lowers operating costs.

  • Broad range of active frequencies between 16Hz and 200 kHz are supported for direct mode locating. 
  • Up to 2 frequencies may be activated simultaneously to select the best signal frequency for the locate situation
  • Constant current, selectable in steps up to a maximum 1A
  • Multiple inductive frequencies from 8 kHz up to 200 kHz
  • Auto impedance matching optimizes the output efficiency
  • Optional A-frame mode for sheath fault locating.
  • Auto protection to 250V AC against live power connection to the transmitter.



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