Seismic Geostuff BHG-2 Triaxial Geophone


The Geostuff model BHG-2 contains 3 geophones oriented in an X-Y-Z pattern. The longitudinal geophone points toward the clamp spring. The outside diameter is 1.85 inches (47 mm), small enough to fit inside a schedule-40, 2-inch plastic pipe, but NOT A SCHEDULE 80, 2-INCH PIPE. The clamping mechanism is a robust, steel spring compressed by a DC electric motor.

Downhole cables are available in 100', 150' and 300' lengths and plug to the control box. Two control boxes may be piggy-backed so that two borehole geophones can be read from a 12-channel seismograph. A cable from the control box terminates in a standard Bendix 61 connector. If you require connection to an older 12-channel NK-27 type connector, please let us know and we will include the proper cable for you.

A 24 volt power supply and charger are included.

Shipped in two packages:

(1) 25 x20 x 12 containing control box, battery and cable 45 lbs
(2) 33 x 5 x 3 containing borehole geophone  10 lbs.


25 x 20 X12 inches


45 lbs

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