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April 9, 2021 

Kaarta, manufacturer of Exploration Instrument's Stencil SLAM system, and innovator of real-time mobile 3D reality capture, announced today that U.S. Pat. No. 10,962,370 was issued on March 30, 2021 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The foundational patent’s claims cover the underpinnings of Kaarta Engine, Kaarta’s distinct approach to solving the “chicken and egg” SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) problem of knowing where you are and what’s around you.

​​The patent strengthens the Company’s growing intellectual property position and serves as the foundation for various continuing patent applications in the real-time mobile 3D mapping space.

​​“Developed by the world’s foremost experts in robotics, mapping, and localization, this patent, as well as other patents pending in our portfolio, demonstrates our innovative technology resulting in the best maps, best position, and the best obstacle avoidance,” said Kevin Dowling, Kaarta CEO. “Kaarta Engine has a flexible and modular architecture whose fundamental algorithm design is optimized for high performance, reliability and robustness.”

​​​​Kaarta Engine is used in Kaarta mobile mapping systems, Kaarta Cloud on-demand software service, and is available for licensing to companies who want to incorporate it in other products or need to keep their mapping data on local servers. Kaarta’s core technology – combined with the democratization of lidar, the burgeoning developments and adoption of autonomous mobile robots, and 5th generation mobile networks – opens up a world of possible future applications and products.