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Amber Onufer joins EXI

Amber Onufer has joined the team at Exploration Instruments as General Manager and head of Business Development. Amber is formally trained as a geophysicist earning a B.S. in Animal Science from NC State and a B.S. in Geology with a minor in Geophysics from the College of Charleston. As a survey specialist for the Army Corps of Engineers Amber refined her geophysical field methodology, and from this and other professional endeavors she has amassed over 16 years of experience with near surface geophysics and specializations in multi-beam sonar, side scan sonar, GPR, ERT, TDEM, and seismic surveys. Amber spent 7 years as the Technical Service and Support Manager at MALA/Guideline USA building the training and rental programs there. Her diverse knowledge of near surface geophysical techniques also includes four years researching and developing airborne geophysics technologies. Later, as the geophysical sales specialist at GSSI, she continued her focus of matching geophysical equipment to the needs of her domestic and global clientele.

She is excited to move to Ausin, Texas and assume management duties there as well as exploring new markets and technologies for Exploration Instruments rentals.