News & Articles

August 2005

Our Lacoste and Romberg Model AliodG Gravity Meter has been upgraded with an attached battery housing! This long-awaited upgrade does away with external batteries attached by the 12volt umbilical cord. Employing Lithium Ion technology, you can now go to the field with a small lightweight battery plugged directly into the gravity meter and a spare in your backpack. The weight savings is considerable and the meter can now be carried in a smaller field case.
We are VERY pleased to note that Geonics has updated their web site with available downloads of their manuals and software! This is very helpful to those looking at using their instruments for the first time and need a review of the manuals.
EXI has begun to add the new Juniper Systems Allegro CX Field Computer as the data
logger of choice for EM equipment. The CX continues to run the Windows CE operating system from Microsoft, but new software from Geonics takes full advantage of new firmware to render its operation on the CX much faster than the previous Allegro running Windows CE.