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June 2006

We are happy to announce that EXI has taken delivery of two of the very first commercially available Ultra MiniRes's from L and R Instruments! The Ultra continues L and R's efforts to provide extremely accurate resistivity and IP measurements in a single channel meter.
With the introduction of the Ultra, the maximum available current has doubled to 20 milliamps. A third display range of 2000 milliohms has been added to the existing ranges of 20 ohms and 2000 ohms. This will increase the accuracy of recordings in highly conductive areas. The Ultra is available in two operating frequencies - 5 Hz and 2.5 Hz. At the lower operating frequency of 2.5 Hz, it does take a little longer to acquire a reading, but will also allow deeper depths of investigation. Tests have resulted in good readings at "a" spacings of 1000 feet!