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Take Advantage of SuperSting WIFI!

Many of our clients have been renting the SuperSting R8 system with the WIFI capability, but without actually using the tablet and functionality that it offers. This may be due to time constraints. Lots of people feel like they just don't have the time to learn something new because they're under a time crunch. But, spending a few minutes with this gear WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY in the long run! Why?

1. Because you can design, change and upload your command file with it.
2. You can run a contact resistance test on the line, view the results easily, attend to any errant electrodes and re-run the test while you're out on the line - not bent over the display of the R8. This saves a lot of time walking up and down the line or shouting at those less fortunate than you.
3. You can watch the raw data display graphically in pseudo-section IN REAL TIME. You can judge the quality of your data and the geologic implications before the data set is done collecting. You can be planning any changes to your survey right away; thus saving more time.
4. Data from the R8 is easily pulled into the tablet via WIFI and you can push it to a thumb drive for backup or further transfer to a laptop for inversion. No hassling with USB/serial adapters, protocals, baud rates, or privilege collisions.

This isn't about bells and whistles on something that you might not care about. This is a completely useful tool or we wouldn't recommend it.