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EXI rents the new GSSI UtilityScan Dual Frequency

EXI is the only place to rent the new GSSI  UtilityScan™ DF ground penetrating radar system for utility locating. The UtilityScan DF uses GPR to create an image of the subsurface. Using this technology, utility locators can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects, including; service utilities such as gas, communications, and sewer lines, as well as underground storage tanks and PVC pipes in various soils. The UtilityScan DF is purpose-built and offers an easy-to-use touchscreen interface to view shallow and deep targets simultaneously in a single scan.

The new dual-frequency 300 MHz and 800 MHz antenna is GSSI’s first digital antenna, allowing the operator to locate targets at depths of up to 5 m/16 ft. (in North America). With an operation life of up to eight hours and survey speed up to 
10 km/h (6.25 mph), data collection is fast and efficient.

  • IP65 rated system; weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Customized Panasonic ToughBook H2 control unit
  • Axle-mounted distance-measuring device
  • Dual-Frequency antenna offers superior resolution for shallow and deep targets
  • Easy-to-use, user selectable text or icon based interface
  • Full GPS integration


  • System optimized for increased depth of penetration
  • Advanced display modes include visualizing the data as each channel individually, both channels separated via split screen or our patent-pending Blend mode
  • Advanced signal floor tracking, stacking and background removal