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Winter/Spring GPR Classes added

The success of our August GSSI Radar Training class, coupled with increased demand, has resulted in the addition of 8 more training opportunities for GPR and EM here. GSSI representatives will conduct training classes at the Exploration Instruments facility in Austin, Texas in the months of January, February and March of 2014. Various classes will cover fundamentals of radar signals, utility locating, concrete imaging and the EMP 400 Profiler. Training can be conducted on standard GSSI SIR3000-based systems or the new UtilityScanDF system. Cost of the class is $800 per person. Contact Sara Gale at GSSI - 603-893-1109 to sign up for the classes.

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UtilityScanUtilityScan DFProfiler
January 14-15January 16-17January 13
February 11-12February 13-14 
March 11-12March 13-14March 10