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July 2007

Early summer has been a time for change and we began by modifying a number of our Geonics EM-38's. For any one measurement, the standard EM38 provides measurements of either quad-phase (conductivity) or in-phase (magnetic susceptibility) component data, as selected by the operator. Comparatively, the EM-38 B provides simultaneous measurement of both phase components, at all times. For surveys which include measurement of both components - common for archaeological investigations - the EM38B significantly reduces the amount of time required.
In addition, we have also added an EM-38 DD. The DD model combines two standard EM-38's and allows the operator to measure either the conductivity or in-phase component, but will measure that component on both horizontal and vertical dipoles simultaneously. It is a much faster way to complete any survey which includes the measurement of both dipole modes.