Magnetometers Foerster Ferex Fluxgate Magnetometer MultiSensor Array


Exploration Instruments (EXI) has added the newest version of the Foerster Instruments (Foerster) Ferex 4 magnetometer sensor array to the rental pool.  The Foersters’ Ferex is a vertical gradient fluxgate magnetometer used for a variety applications such as archeology, environmental, utility mapping, and UXO detection. One of its greatest advantages is the ability to drive up to 4 sensors from a single console. The latest version FEREX 4.034 can be used as a single sensor system, a multi-sensor (up to 4 sensors) array, or as a down hole magnetometer. 

The new FEREX 4.034 adds some key improvements to the current 4.032. such as:

  • 5” Color LCD Display, sunlight readable
  • 32GB SD Card
  • Serial Interface
  • New Fluxgate vertical gradient probe with improved signal to noise ratio
  • Improved mode for filtering small, large objects and influence from power lines
  • Data logging of up to 4 FOERSTER Fluxgate sensor channels
  • Option to link other sensors, for example: Geometrics 824A CV probe
  • Integrated GPS drivers including tool to create customized GPS drivers
  • Mapping ability to manage large survey areas
  • Capability to define polygonal survey grids
  • GPS assisted navigation
  • Color magnetic anomaly map for a first data evaluation already during the survey
  • Data2Line Software, GIS for post survey processing and data analysis+
  • This system ships from our Harrisburg, PA office.
  • Dr. Bill Doll conducts an archaeological magnetometer survey at the Hermitage site in Nashville, TN.
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