Resistivity SuperSting R8/ 112 Electrode System Package


The SuperSting R8/IP 8 channel multi-electrode resistivity and IP imaging system was released at SAGEEP 2000. Most multi-electrode resistivity instruments are one-channel instruments and therefore take one reading for each current injection. The SuperSting is an 8-channel instrument and can therefore take up to eight readings for each current injection and is thus up to eight times faster than the one-channel instruments. 

The SuperSting also incorporates productivity features designed to enhance efficiency in the field for companies doing resistivity and IP imaging surveys. Such features are; selectable electrode spacing in the instrument, built in roll-along, possibility to shut off electrodes in case the profile ends up against an obstacle, re-addressing of the electrodes in the field and much more. 

EXI provides central switching options in increments of 56 electrodes through the use of connecting switch boxes. Common applications use 56 or 112 electrodes. A 56 electrode system would make use of (1) 56 electrode switch box while a 112 system would connect (2) boxes together with the Supersting at the same location. Roll-along is generally done using increments of half the measurable electrodes; ie 28 or 56 at a time.

This package includes all the components necessary to collect 112 electrode data:

(1) SuperSting R8 with WIFI and tablet controller
(2) external R8/56 Switch Boxes or (1) 112 electrode switch box
(2) cables of 56 take-outs (each is made up of 4 segments of 14 take-outs) on 20' spacings
(120) stainless-steel stakes
AGI Administrator Software.

Ships in 7 containers:
1 @ 24 x 19 x 14 inches 55lbs
4 @ 20 X 20 X 20 inches 75lbs each
2 @ 24 X 19 X 9 inches 55lbs

Total is approximately 465 lbs.


465 lbs

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