Non-Destructive Testing PD8050 8 Channel Ultrasonic Array


Consolidated power in a single device for structural imaging, object and defect detection with ultrasound pulse echo

  •  Real-time imaging, weight optimization and AI assistance
  •  Large scale 2D, 3D, heatmap and AR visualization modes
  •  Superior image clarity with control of all transmission parameters
Pundit Array  Tech Specs
Display Unit
Any compatible Apple® iPad
(iOS 11.0 and higher)¹

Workspace Integration
App synchronization
Share via URL
Automatic logbook
Raw data export
HTML export
Instant report generation

Special Features
High definition focus view
Macro view – variable frequency and voltage
Wide panoramic B-scan
Augmented Reality
3D view
AI-assisted positioning
AI-assisted feature interpretation
Image stabilizer
Tech Specs
Void and delamination detection
Bonding assessment
Thickness measurement
Honeycombing detection
Fiber concrete
Concrete hit prevention
Imaging of closely spaced rebars

20 - 80 kHz

Multi-channel Ultrasonic Pulse Echo

Measuring Resolution
1 us

Pulse Voltage
±50 to ±150 V

Receiver Gain
1 to 10’000
(0 to 80 dB)

25 lbs

Rental per day




Replacement Value


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