Seismic OYO Geospace MP-25 Hydrophone string


This hydrophone string is ideal for use when running a 12 channel seismic line from a water body to land. Half the acquisition may be made using the hydrophone string and the other half using standard geophones. If your seismograph employs a Bendix 61 pin connector then a "Y" adapter can be used to connect two NK-27 connectors from the cables.

  • MP-25-250 Sidewinder Hydrophone Set
  • Cable has (12)10Hz hydrophones at 1 meter spacings.
  • Maximum width on cable is 2.25" at the hydrophone.
  • Lead length is 200' terminating in a NK-27 Connector.
  • Phones are 70% damped using 2.6K ohm resistor.


23 x 19 x 14 inches


50 lbs

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