Magnetometers Foerster Ferex 4.034 Fluxgate Magnetometer


Precise detection of geomagnetic anomalies

We have been carrying the Foerster Ferex fluxgate mags for a number of years and are very impressed by the accuracy and robust design. With the new FEREX 4.034, detection of geomagnetic anomalies is as simple and precise as ever. The significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio, comprehensive application software and reduced weight facilitate detection. Up to 4 probes can be used on a man-carry or cart-based probe holder to build an array. Linking a GPS system the exploration area and the tracks can be easily defined. The included navigation system provides valuable information on the current position, deviation from the ideal track as well as the data quality already during data acquisition. Results are displayed directly on the color screen, providing initial analysis.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Differential (gradiometric) fluxgate magnetometer including data recorder
  • 4 channels with high sampling rate
  • Serial interface to connect alternative sensors
  • GPS interface
  • Light weight due to compact design
  • Low power consumption
  • Robust, field proven and maintenance friendly
  • Comprehensive scope of accessories such as multi probe holder, wheel kit or odometer
  • Data post processing software DATA2LINE


Technical Data

  • Sensor distance
550 mm
  •  Measuring range
+/- 10,000 nT
  •  Band width
230 Hz
  •  Noise
< 1.0 nT p-p
  •  Recording channels
  •  Sampling rate
900 Hz per channel
  •  Resolution
24 bit ADC
  •  Data memory
SD card
  •  Interfaces
4 FEREX probes MG-10-550, serial, GPS, headphone
  •  Power supply
4 batteries, IEC LR 20, ANSI "D"
  •  Battery lifetime
> 10 hrs. (1 probe)
  •  Weight
4.1 kg (1 probe)


DATALOAD2 is a free of charge reduced version of the DATA2LINE software. It has been developed for downloading, converting and exporting data recorded with the FEREX 4.032 DLG or FEREX 4.034.
DATA2LINE provides comprehensive analysis and views.

  • Download FEREX 4.023 DLG or FEREX 4.034 data
  • Individual or incremental naming of the fields
  • Data conversion to txt, fdl, xyz, and uxo format
  • Included in the FEREX scope of delivery


    38 x 16 x 6 inches


    27 lbs

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