Electromagnetic Geonics EM-57 Transient EM System


Included: Protem Receiver, EM-57 Transmitter, Low-frequency coil, reference cable, data transfer cable, battery cables. Note: Power source for the transmitter is not included. Requires 24 volt DC or 120V AC power source.

The TEM57 and PROTEM receiver are the principal components of PROTEM 57 systems. The TEM57 is powered by either a 600 W generator or by rechargeable batteries in a backpack.

The PROTEM 57 is used for a wide variety of applications. The system can sound the depth, thickness and conductivity of layers down to 300 m below surface, for applications such as mapping the thickness of aquifers, clay layers and assessing water quality. In coastal areas, the PROTEM 57 has defined the depth to saline intrusion as accurately as chemical samples from wells.


Box 1, TX - 54lbs, 20 X 15 X 18
Box 2, RX - 75lbs, 23 X 16 X 23
Box 3, Coil - 79lbs, 41 X 41 X 8
Box 4, Accessories - 43lbs, 22 X 17 X 13


251 lbs

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