Seismic Scorpion P-Wave Borehole Sparker Seismic Source


Trident’s highly portable P-wave impulsive sound source can produce upwards of 50 times more energy than conventional sound sources, making it possible to conduct shallow seismic surveys across distances up to 25 times greater than traditional surveys.  More distance means less drilling cost (and time!) and quicker surveys.

The secret to Trident’s revolutionary Scorpion™ is the logic-controlled pulse electronics and low power charging design. Scorpion™ is designed to output a consistent energy level with every pulse. With all high energy components located in the sparker head, there are no high voltage power cables or external capacitor banks. Small enough to be used in a 3-inch diameter borehole, Scorpion™ minimizes drilling requirements, and with its significant acoustic amplitude, supports capture at greater distances, expanding the range of surveys and the analyses that can be performed. The simple all-weather control unit is small and lightweight, making Scorpion™ the most portable and simple to use sparker on the market. In a word, it’s revolutionary.

All of the high voltage is located in the lower unit. The Scorpion is the safest borehole sparker in the world.
• Timing output to < 0.1 milliseconds
• Field-replaceable electrode
• Selectable p-wave output up to .94 bar at 1 meter
• Powered by 12-volt battery
• Cables available up to 300 ft (90 m) long
• Industry-standard trigger output
• PT07A-8-3S output
• Cable to PT06A-8-3P
• Cable to BNC
• Sparker diameter - 2.75
• Sparker weight - 11 lbs


 Scorpion performance  


30 x 18 x 14 inches


72 lbs

Rental per day





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